CharGaryen MacLanniStark

This site is a mash up of my two favourite but very different shows: It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and Game of Thrones.

I hope you all enjoy the Game of Games.

Brienne (Dee) plots with Podrick (Charlie).

Bronn (Mac), Tyrion (Dennis), and Varys (Charlie) look for other cool guys in Westeros.

Tyrion (Charlie) likes his hatchet.

Margaery (Dee) says a lot of bad words.

Arya (Dee) and Sandor (Mac) backtrack.

Anonymous asked: 3 - Where would you want to live in the GoT world?/Who would you want to live with out of the Gang?

Well, in the GoT universe, I’d probably want to live somewhere like Braavos so I’m not in the middle of a giant friggin war.

As for who I would prefer to live with from Sunny, probably Dee because she seems the most normal in terms of living situation. Dennis is creepy as hell and Mac is almost as much. As for Frank and Charlie, I just can’t stomach cat food, even while huffing glue.

Gregor (Mac) challenges Oberyn (Dennis).

15 - Most gratifying character death on GoT/ Favourite ending to Sunny episode.

GoT: While Joffrey’s death was nice, Tywin dying was by far my most gratifying, especially in the books.

Sunny: The Gang Reignites the Rivalry, their initial rival, who they forgot about, has a nervous breakdown after the gang vandalizes his home and neglects to show up at the flip cup tourney. Their reactions are priceless.

30 - Favourite book/episode.

GoT: My favourite episode (since I don’t have a specific book that I prefer) is recent: The Lion and the Rose. Not only does Joffrey die but we get to see so many interactions among characters.

Sunny: The Gang Gets Held Hostage. The McPoyles at their best and the Gang just as dumb as ever.